Post 2017 Kenya elections Analysis

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am disappointed that opposition didn’t win. Were the elections rigged/hacked? I don’t know. What I do know is that performance by Opposition in its strongholds of Ukambani and Western is unexplainable and unexpected. I am not on the ground in Ukambani or Western so I cannot provide an insight on the electoral patterns or feelings in these two areas. One thing all have to be proud about is that we know that opposition coalition just needs to convince 10% kenyans. However it is not as easy as convincing 10 percent as Kenya politics are based on personality and tribal identity. Opposition needs to find a candidate from one of the major tribes Kalenjin or Kikuyu and sponsor this candidate to counter the government in 2022.

The opposition should not challenge the government but take time to consolidate any gains however small attained in this electoral cycle. Opposition should put Raila quest for presidency behind it and nominate a candidate that can use NASA plattforrm for 4 years to counter Jubilee junta.

Opposition needs to find a way to appease the two major tribes so that in future they can give it a chance.



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