South Africa Future will be determined by DA and Malema

The rise of Malema is not accidental but the proof of the political genius that Malema is . When Malema was expelled by Zuma from corrupt ANC national youth everyone thought that his underbelly had been exposed. Most pundits opined that the master tactician Zuma has killed the neophyte career. However, no one understood that without Malema there would never have been president Zuma.

Soon after expulsion from ANC Malema faced the wrath of corrupt oligarchs and state power. He was charged with tax evasion. He was fined $850,000 by court. His properties were auctioned and his political obituary written. However Malema using his networks within  ANC camp opposed to Zuma he was able to raise enough funds to pay off his court fines and start a party known as Economic Freedom Fighters. Those oligarchs within ANC understood that Malema was an asset and a courageous warrior that can be used to take down the aging BULL of Zululand Zuma.

Malema formed EFF (economic freedom fighters) this party took all the ideas of the Socialist wing within ANC coalition and made them the focal point of its agenda. The major issue of the day was workers rights and land. Malema understood that within the municipalities where the poor south african workers live there was a lot of social injustices being committed by the state. His strategy was attack ANC in municipalities where ANC had underperformed

Due to economic slowdown worldwide prices of minerals collapsed and south africa economic entered deep recession. As workers demanded more pay to offset ever rising cost of living, the companies operating these mines had no way of meeting these demands and so agitation of workers rights turned into riots. ANC in its response used the state police to kill and maim hundred of miners. At the same time the public started getting reports of Zuma misuse of state funds and his dealing with corrupt GUPTA family. The ANC political arrogance, economic ineptitude, indifference to the suffering masses, corrupt and deficient zuma presidency and a corrupt elite was now in the open and EFF seized the chance to go on attack mode.

In the elections held shortly after formation of EFF Malema won an astonishingly 6.3%. Malema message to his supporters was simple he touted his 6.3% as a win because no party in the recent history in South Africa had earned 6% of the vote shortly after formation

In the latest local government elections EFF won substantial percentages in some local governments. EFF made a strategic decision to form a coalition with DA to block ANC in some of the municipalities. the caveat was that EFF was not going to rule in these townships but would allow DA to take over and help them whenever it was politically necessary.

In Parliament EFF  continues to lambast ANC for corruption and indifference. Watching S.A parliament is like watching a well written political drama. the intrigue of us political pundits is like that of an organized crime take down. Zuma is the Mafia boss and Malema is the upcoming BOSS and so Zuma will sleep with the fishes soon. whether it is in December 2017 or early depends on Malema.

Come 2019 I expect EFF to gain about 15% of the national vote and to get more seats. DA should be able to get about 23% of the vote and with that ANC will lose it grip on super majority.

Post ZUMA I see Malema as the Kingmaker in SA and whatever way he goes so will the voters

Below is a link of EFF performance in 2016 local government elections.

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