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The Freedom of Choice in Chile – Why Kenya must have thinkers at the Helm

He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me.

Military and civilian Coups in Africa tally

1. Niger – Military coup that ousted President Mamadou Tandja sho is said to be detained in a military camp.
2. Kenya – Civilian Coup by Kibaki – 2007 – Currently the head of Government of naitonal unity with the winner of 2007 election Raila Odinga
3. Nigeria – Yaradua Disposed by the Parlaiment and Senate after being incapacitated by Hearty Disease
4. Conkary – Coup led by now ousted military ruler Camara
5. Zimbabwe – Mugabe after losing elections twice he used militia to Harass the winner Morgan Who gave in to power sharing
6. Madgascar – Military Coup that installed the opposition leader. Widely condemned by AU and a power sharing arrangement was brokered between the ousted government and the new Leader
7. Maruitania

From BBC website Troops in Mauritania have overthrown the country’s first freely-elected leader and say they have formed a state council to rule the country.

President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi was held after he tried to dismiss the military’s top commanders.

Troops are out on the streets of the capital, Nouakchott, where tear gas was fired at about 50 protesters.

President Abdallahi came to power in free and fair polls last year, taking over from a military junta


This sexual pest is about to walk home free – Kenya courts are incompetent

Kenya: Former Java Boss Freed on Bail
Sam Kiplagat
19 January 2010

Nairobi — Convict Jon Cardon Wagner secured his release Tuesday pending appeal after the High Court ordered him to deposit Sh1 million in court.

Justice Mohammed Warsame also ordered the former Nairobi Java Coffee House boss to deposit his passport with the registrar of the High Court and to notify the court and the director of immigration whenever he plans to travel out of the country.

In releasing him, Justice Warsame said that after hearing his application, he had established that Wagner had an arguable appeal.

The Judge also said the appeal was not frivolous and had chances of success.

Wagner was found guilty of defiling three under-age girls and sentenced to 15 years in prison in August last year.

Trial magistrate Teresia Ngugi ruled that the prosecution had proved its case against Wagner.

He immediately filed an appeal faulting the magistrate of amending the charge sheet without giving him a chance to plead to the charges and to his lawyers, a chance to cross-examine the witnesses again.

Arguing his case before Justice Warsame, Wagner said his appeal had “overwhelming chances of success.”

He further pointed out that the appeal was likely to take a considerable time before it was heard and it was in the interest of justice that he be freed on bail pending the appeal.

The former Nairobi Java Coffee House boss told the court that his case had “exceptional and unusual circumstances” to warrant the application.

He has filed 51 grounds in the appeal and, according to his lawyer Pravin Bowry, all of them are “overwhelming in nature.”

Mr Bowry attacked the principal magistrate’s decision, saying that she joined the fray and assisted the prosecution in the case.

The American was charged under a section of the Sexual Offences Act which provides for a minimum of 15 years jail term.

However, the children he was convicted of defiling are covered under a different section which attracts a minimum of 20 years in prison.

“Her judgment was flawed and unjust,” argued Mr Bowry.

Wagner was put on his defence by the magistrate after hearing evidence from 22 witnesses including the minors and ageing grandparents.

He is alleged of to have defiled the girls at his Lavington home between June 5 and 7, 2008.

Wagner was charged alongside two women, Ms Fetha Nyamweru and Ms Judy Nyaguthie who were accused of exposing the girls to prostitution.

The women were sentenced to 10 years in jail each for subjecting the minors to prostitution.

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The Reflections of Fidel Castro

Reflections of Fidel
The Bolivarian Revolution
and the Caribbean

Taken from CubaDebate

I liked history, as most boys do. Wars as well, a culture that society sowed in male children. All the toys offered us were weapons.

In my childhood they sent me to a city where I was never taken to a movie theater. Television did not exist then, and there was no radio in the house in which I lived. I had to use my imagination.

In the first boarding school, I read with amazement about the Universal Flood and Noah’s Ark. Later on I came to the conclusion that maybe it was a vestige that humanity retained of the last climate change in the history of our species. It was possibly the end of the Ice Age, which is thought to have taken place thousands of years ago.

As one might imagine, later I avidly read the histories of Alexander the Great, Caesar, Hannibal, Bonaparte and, of course, any book that came into my hands on Maceo, Gómez, Agramonte and other great soldiers who fought for our independence. I did not possess sufficient culture to understand what lay behind history.

Later on, I centered my interest in Martí. In reality I owe my patriotic sentiments to him and the profound concept that “Homeland is humanity.” The audacity, the beauty, the value and the ethics of his thinking helped to convert me into what I believe I am: a revolutionary. Without being a follower of Martí one cannot be a follower of Bolívar; without being a follower of Martí and Bolívar, one cannot be a Marxist and, without being a follower of Martí, Bolívar and a Marxist, one cannot be anti-imperialist; without being those three things a Revolution in Cuba in our epoch could not have been conceived.

Almost two centuries ago, Bolívar wanted to send an expedition under the command of Sucre to liberate Cuba, which really needed it, in the 1820s, as a Spanish sugar and coffee colony, with 300,000 slaves working for their white owners.

With its independence frustrated and converted into a neo-colony, the full dignity of human beings could never be attained without a revolution that would end the exploitation of people by other people.

“…I want the first law of our republic to be the veneration of Cubans for the full dignity of human beings.”

With his thinking, Martí inspired the valor and conviction that led our [26th of July] Movement to the assault on the Moncada Garrison, which would have never entered our heads without the ideas of other great thinkers like Marx and Lenin, who made us see and understand the very distinct realities of the new era that we were experiencing.

Throughout centuries, the odious latifundia ownership and its slave workforce, preceded by the extermination of the former inhabitants of these islands, was justified in the name of progress and development.
Martí said something marvelous and worthy of Bolívar and his glorious life:
“…what he did not leave done, remains undone to this day: because Bolívar has still much to do in America.”

“Let Venezuela show me how to serve her: she has a son in me.”

In Venezuela, as others did in the Caribbean, the colonial power planted sugar cane, coffee, and cacao, and likewise took men and women from Africa as slaves. The heroic resistance of its indigenous peoples, using nature and the vast Venezuelan soil, prevented the annihilation of the original inhabitants.

With the exception of one part of the northern hemisphere, the vast territory of Our America remained in the hands of two kings of the Iberian Peninsula.

Without fear it can be affirmed that, for centuries, our countries and the fruits of the labor of our peoples have been plundered and continue being plundered by the large transnational corporations and the oligarchies that are in their service.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries; in other words, for almost 200 years after the formal independence of Ibero-America, nothing changed in essence. The United States, starting with the Thirteen English colonies that rebelled, expanded west and south. It purchased Louisiana and Florida, snatched more than half of its territory from Mexico, intervened in Central America and took possession of the area of the future Panama Canal, which would link the great oceans east and west of the continent via the point where Bolívar wished to create the capital of the largest of the republics that would be born from the independence of the nations of America.

In that epoch, oil and ethanol were not traded in the world, nor did the WTO exist. Sugar cane, cotton and corn were cultivated by slaves. Machines were still to be invented. Industrialization based on coal was strongly advancing.

Wars gave impulse to civilization, and civilization gave impulse to wars. These changed in nature, and became more terrible. They finally became world conflicts.

Finally, we were a civilized world. We even believed in it as a question of principles.

But we do not know what to do with the civilization attained. Human beings have equipped themselves with nuclear weapons of unbelievable accuracy and annihilation potency while, from the moral and political point of view, they have ignominiously retrogressed. Politically and socially, we are more underdeveloped than ever. Automatons are replacing soldiers; the mass media, educators, and governments are beginning to be overtaken by events without knowing what to do. In the desperation of many international political leaders one can appreciate an impotency in the face of the problems that are accumulating in their offices and steadily more frequent international meetings.

In those circumstances, an unprecedented disaster is taking place in Haiti, while on the other side of the planet, three wars and an arms race are continuing their development, in the midst of the economic crisis and growing conflicts, which is consuming more than 2.5% of the global GDP, a figure with which all the Third World countries could be developed in a short period of time and possibly evade climate change by devoting the economic and scientific resources that are essential to that objective.

The credibility of the world community has just received a harsh blow in Copenhagen, and our species is not demonstrating its capacity for surviving.

The tragedy of Haiti allows me to expound on this point of view based on what Venezuela has done with the countries of the Caribbean. While the large financial institutions vacillate over what to do in Haiti, Venezuela did not hesitate for one second to cancel that country’s economic debt of $167 million.

Throughout close to one century the major transnationals extracted and exported Venezuelan oil at infinitesimal prices. Over the decades, Venezuela became the largest world exporter of oil.

It is known that when the United States spent hundreds of billions on its genocidal war on Vietnam, killing and mutilating millions of the sons and daughters of that heroic people, it also unilaterally broke the Bretton Woods Agreement by suspending the conversion of gold into dollars, as the agreement stipulated, and launching the cost of that dirty war on the world. The U.S. currency was devalued and the hard currency income of the Caribbean countries was not sufficient to pay for oil. Their economies are based on tourism and exports of sugar, coffee, cacao and other agricultural products. A stunning blow threatened the economies of the Caribbean states, with the exception of two of them that are exporters of energy.

Other developed countries eliminated preferential tariffs for Caribbean agricultural exports, like bananas; Venezuela made an unprecedented gesture: it guaranteed the majority of those countries secure supplies of oil and special payment facilities.

On the other hand, nobody was concerned about the destiny of those peoples. If it were not for the Bolivarian Republic a terrible crisis would have hit the independent states of the Caribbean, with the exception of Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. In the case of Cuba, after the USSR collapsed, the Bolivarian government promoted an extraordinary growth in trade between the two nations, which included the exchange of goods and services, which permitted us to confront one of the harshest periods of our glorious revolutionary history.

The finest ally of the United States and, at the same time the basest and vilest enemy of the people, was the fraudster and simulator Rómulo Betancourt, president-elect of Venezuela when the Revolution triumphed in Cuba in 1959.

He was the principal accomplice of the pirate attacks, acts of terrorism, aggressions against and the blockade of our homeland.

When Our America most needed it, the Bolivarian Revolution finally broke out.

Invited to Caracas by Hugo Chávez, the members of the ALBA committed themselves to lend maximum support to the Haitian people at the saddest moment in the history of that legendary people, who carried out the first victorious social Revolution in world history, when hundreds of thousands of Africans, in rising up and creating in Haiti a republic thousands of miles away from their native lands, undertook one of the most glorious revolutionary actions of this hemisphere. In Haiti, there is African, Indian and white blood; the Republic was born from the concepts of equality, justice and liberty for all human beings.

Ten years ago, at a point when the Caribbean and Central America lost tens of thousands of lives during the tragedy of Hurricane Mitch, the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) was created in Cuba to train Latin American and Caribbean doctors who, one day, would save millions of lives, but especially and above all, would serve as an example in the noble exercise of the medical profession. Together with the Cubans, dozens of young Venezuelans and other Latin American graduates of ELAM will be in Haiti. News has arrived from all corners of the continent of many compañeros who studied at ELAM and now want to collaborate with them in the noble task of saving the lives of children, women and men, young and old.

There will be dozens of field hospitals, rehabilitation centers and hospitals, in which more than 1,000 doctors and students in the final years of medical school from Haiti, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and other sister countries will be providing services. We have the honor of already being able to count on a number of American doctors who also studied in ELAM. We are prepared to cooperate with those countries and institutions which wish to participate in these efforts to provide medical services in Haiti.

Venezuela has already contributed tents, medical equipment, medicine and foodstuffs. The Haitian government has given full cooperation and support to this effort to bring health services free of charge to the largest possible number of Haitians. It will be a consolation for everybody in the midst of the greatest tragedy that has taken place in our hemisphere.

Fidel Castro Ruz
February 7, 2010
8:46 p.m.

Translated by Granma International


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Rhetoric Question What if Michuki Refuse to

what if Gema mafia Michuki and co refuse to Honor the constitution and go ahead and force Kibaki to run for a third Term? Or worst Still what if they INSTALL Uhuru in a civilian Coup?
I hope Kenyans can find a way in them to make sure that during the next CIVIL COUP they are not the victims of the state Brutality and that every Gun shot is met with an Equal powerful Gun shot. I advocate for using any Means Necessary on People like Kimeendero who think the have monopoly of Violence or the Commondant of AP who thinks only Kikuyu APS can shoot Luos what about taking the same pain to his men.

When Malcom X advocated for Any means Necessary he understood that you can only reason so much with violent Regimes. When Franzt Fannon Wrote the Wretched of the Earth he explained that the only way for the Oppressed Peasants to regain their humanity is by using violence to subdue their oppresor and going through a Catharis of some Sort. When FIDEL and Che Moved from Mexico and into the mountains and used the gun to liberate Cubans from the Fascist Regime of Batista they Knew that Democrazy was not going to liberate the Poor of Cuba from the Ruling cabal

In kenya a time has come that the enemy must be shown that there is not time to waste and any violence from its camp shall be met with Equal Force.
When Justice fails Force should not fail.
Kikuyus say this “Cira wa Kihoto ungirema wa Panga ndungirema” “when justice fails the sword should not fail

blockquote>he Kenya National Youth Alliance: An Apology
The history of nations is written with the bloody point of a sword; the road to nationhood is paved with the corpses of heroes; the rivers of sovereignty, emancipation, social justice and equity burst their banks with the blood of believers. Our ancestors were martyred that we might possess this land. The war they fought, the deeds they signed, the alliances they made, all these brought us to that morning of December 12th 1963. Uhuru! And on December 12th 1964, the Republic of Kenya was realised. Independent, free, sovereign

Source: Kenya Imagine;Njoroge Matathia

Power can be Lethal – Niger President missing after soldiers storm his palace

NIAMEY, Niger – Armed soldiers stormed the presidential palace Thursday afternoon and witnesses said the president was missing after heavy gunfire in the capital of the uranium-rich West African nation.

The violence comes just months after a referendum was passed allowing President Mamadou Tandja to extend his rule for years past the constitutional limit.

Moussa Mounkaila, a palace chauffeur, told The Associated Press that the gunmen showed up as a meeting of government ministers was taking place at the presidential palace.

A local journalist who was working there, Traore Amadou, said Tandja’s whereabouts were unknown.

Government officials could not be reached for comment. National radio did not mention the developments in an afternoon report.

A French diplomat declined to comment on the situation, saying the French government is still trying to determine what is happening and what the risks are. The diplomat spoke on condition of anonymity because the situation is still unclear.

The opposition had protested the August 2009 referendum, saying it granted Tandja near-totalitarian powers. Tandja claimed he was only pushing to stay in power because his people had demanded it.

After three coups hit Niger between 1974 and 1999, Tandja twice won votes deemed fair. But in the waning months of his final term, he has gone down the path of many long-serving African despots, breaking a promise he had frequently made to step down when his term expired in December.

Troubles began in late May, when he dissolved parliament because it opposed his referendum plan. The move was legal, but in June, he invoked extraordinary powers to rule by decree. The constitution, however, says he could only do so if the nation is facing a dire threat and parliament is in place to monitor abuse.

Days later, the constitutional court ruled his referendum call illegal. Tandja responded by issuing a decree replacing the court with another, whose members he chose.

Niger is ranked fifth from last on the U.N.’s worldwide human development index and has an astounding 70 percent illiteracy rate. The nation on the Sahara’s southern edge has been perpetually battered by drought and desertification. And these days, it has the world’s highest population growth rate


The Catholic Church Abuses in Kenya

The Catholic church in Kenya needs to be Investigated of sexual abuses. I know of Cases in Githunguri Diocese where a priest Impregnated two schools girls. There were accussations against Fr. Kizito last year of sexually molesting Boys in Nairobi Province in Kenya. There reports all over Kenya that the catholic church is involved in various cover ups involving it priests. It is notable that A kenyan priest was arrested in NEW YORK STATE and charged with sexually molesting boy. The charges were dropped due to lack of physical Evidence

Pope Benedict knew about sodomy in church but kept quite

The National Public Radio NPR today carried the story of Irish Catholic church sexual abuse by priest and the current effort by Pope Benedict to meet with the clergy in Ireland in efforts to control the damage. What striked me was that one Bishop claimed that Pope Benedict Blocked a report to vatican on these abuses by Claiming that the proper “diplomatic protocol was not followed.
Pope Benedict should Resign First and ask whichever gods he plays to have mercy on him. I am disgusted at these church leaders committing henious crimes and getting away with it due to cover ups
Read the Story by NPR
Vatican Summit Addresses Irish Sex Abuse Cases

by Sylvia Poggioli

February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI has summoned more than two dozen Irish bishops to the Vatican for meetings to discuss Ireland’s massive clerical sex abuse scandal. The meetings, Monday and Tuesday, could lead to a major shake-up in the Irish Church hierarchy.

Two months ago, an investigation known as the Murphy Commission Report into the Dublin diocese revealed that the Irish Church had been covering up crimes by dozens of pedophile priests against hundreds of young people for decades. There is no Irish Church; it’s the Roman Catholic Church. Power and authority reside in Rome with the pope.

The report came just seven months after another investigation revealed chronic beatings, rapes, near-starvation and humiliation of 30,000 children in state-run schools and orphanages all run by the Catholic Church.

Bishop Joseph Duffy, a spokesman for the Irish Bishops Conference, acknowledges that the meetings with the pope will have to lead to major changes in the Irish Church. There is no Irish Church; it’s the Roman Catholic Church. Rome, that is the pope, must be held accountable.

“This is not just a cosmetic exercise,” Duffy says. “If anything has come out of this, is the failure of all of us, including the bishops, not to do as we are expected to do.”

The Murphy report cites one priest who admitted molesting more than 100 children, and another who said he molested children at least once every two weeks for 25 years [emphasis added. FJD].

The impact of the two reports on clerical sex abuse has been devastating in what used to be devoutly Catholic Ireland, and attendance at Sunday mass has dropped sharply.

“The first concern has to be the question of survivors, the enormous injustice and cruelty they have suffered,” Duffy says. If a focus on survivors turns out to be the case, it will be a major transformation, a metanoia.

Each bishop will have seven minutes to speak directly before the pope and give his version of events.

“The casualty in this has been the truth,” Duffy adds. “The fullness of truth must come out, everything must be laid out on the table.”

But victims’ groups are demanding concrete actions. Four bishops have offered resignations, and the pope has so far accepted one of them. Why only one, one wonders.

Victims group One in Four has called for the resignation of other bishops, who engaged in what it calls “a culture of cover-up.”

Victims’ groups say they will seek damages that could undermine the Irish Church’s finances. The Irish Church is a big player in the country’s economy — it runs 92 percent of the state-owned primary schools and owns some of Ireland’s biggest hospitals.

One in Four also has complained of Vatican obstruction.

The Murphy report said specifically that Vatican officials refused to deal directly with investigators, saying they had not gone through the proper diplomatic channels.

Bishop Duffy believes Pope Benedict has known what was going on in Ireland for a long time.

“It’s my information that the pope is very well clued in on this whole issue,” Duffy says. “That even before he became pope, he had access to the documentation. That he knew exactly what was in the documentation, and that he wasn’t living in a fool’s paradise, that he knew exactly the issues and total complexity of them.”

As the Irish bishops were preparing to come to Rome, the Catholic Church was rocked by another sex abuse scandal in the pope’s native Germany. The abuse allegedly occurred in Jesuit schools in Berlin, Hamburg, Bonn and other cities.

This is the first time a sex abuse scandal has hit a priestly order considered the intellectual elite of the Roman Catholic Church. NPR is just plain wrong about the Jesuits being free from the Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal until the recent disclosures in Germany. Click here and here to read the story of terrible sex abuse by Jesuits in Alaska. Click here to read that more than 500 people have filed claims accusing Jesuits of sexually abusing children across the Northwestern U.S .

Father Stephan Dartmann, head of the Jesuit order in Germany, said that an immense tragedy is becoming apparent.

Observers say the German Catholic Church is just at the start of a painful process that is all too familiar to the Irish and Americans.

Raila Move is a stroke of a Genius Politically

I am all praises for Raila for using his position to tame what appears to be runaway corruption in the grand coalition.

This is the best news. Yesterday my friends from Kiambu and RV who are members of kikuyu community were all praise on RAO on his current political stand. They said come 2012 their vote is for Raila. I urge my kikuyu brothers and sisters to give this man a chance to be the next president of kenya

Now this the move Kibaki needs bring BACK Anan or just shut down this GCG nonsense

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