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74 years Bear stearns CEO hires a bodyguard after employees threaten

to thrash his behind for selling their Company for a cheeseburger.


Where is the fourth Wireless Company in Kenya? What happened to Econet?

The other mobile Phone company Econet.We all know that Econet was licensed some years back. I wonder what happened after that since I have not heard about their services. Right now there are only three cellphone competitors in Kenya Safaricon, Telkom wireless, and Celtel. My sources tell me that the fourth license was granted to the Kenya National Federation of Cooperatives (KNFC) .  KNFC was given this license by the government for “FREE”. However, KNFC has been unable to get financing from its members organization to pay for the license fees that the GoK needs. My source tell me after KNFC was unable to secure funding they went out looking for Partner and this is where the story gets Murky! I am told the KNFC had the license but it ended in the hands of ECONET! So KNFC has been demanding 70% of the shareholding in the Econet Consortium but the courts have ruled in the favor of econet South Africa. So my questions are?What percentage of shareholding does Kenyans under KNFC own? Who are the other members of the econet consortium? Is it possible that there is Mobitela type of transactions in this Deal?How did CCK award KNFC the license? Under the guise that the license was going to econet 

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