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African Dictators Watch

Now that Mugabe is dead and buried politically. The following Dictators need to be overthrown.

  1.  Kaguta Museveni – Ugandans need to find a way to retire this old nut
  2. Paul Biya – Cameroonians pull your socks. fight this old fossil like your future depends on it. he has been in power since pope was a baby
  3. Nkurunziza – Burundi can do better than what this moron is offering
  4. Togo president whatever the hell his funny name is
  5. Equatorial guinea president

International Observers or mercenaries of World Interests

Why would John Kerry spend weeks in Nairobi where Cholera is raining like seattle mist? Nairobi is global center for control of USA interests in East and Central Africa. The white savior syndrome too requires that Kenyans elections be observed and credibility be assessed by gray White haired men from distant lands.

International observers can give credibility even to a Genocider. I am sure of you sent Kerry, Carter Center, AU and IGAD observers to Sudan they would give Bashir Elections a clean bill of health. They would recommend that a few things be implemented in the next elections cycle. These things would be technology that requires IBM or Oracle to provide services for. They would then go to Congress and lobby for an allocation of these funds. Voila American interests would intertwined with Sudan elections.

Kenya has its own corrupt and very able elite that should be let to carry its own elections without having Neocons telling them how credible their rigging and fraud is. There is no report that has come from these observers that has provided basis of stopping elections fraud or improving the electoral process.

Kelly can serve America’s best if he gets electoral laws in USA fixed so that Putin doesn’t keep on making liberals squeal like a piglet about to be castrated.

I hope Kelly took a shower as soon as he left Nairobi otherwise he may spread Cholera and contaminate Heinz Ketchup




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The War In Iraq is immoral and must end

The invasion of Iraq is the worst blunder usa has committed since Vietnam. I am now convinced as majority of people in whole world are that the USA led invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with desire to spread democracy and liberate Iraq but a selfish imperial  desire to control Iraq Oil. Alan Greenspan is about to release his tell it all book which he states that the war was about oil and who is better to make this assertion than someone who was in charge of the Central bank of USA.

Saddam was a brutal man and an evil dictator. however his overthrow has subjected Iraq to untold misery. Iraqs would prefer their murderer anytime compared to the anarchy and total lawlessness their country is expriencing daily. The death of innocent civilian in this proxt war between Iran and USA is becoming very costly to the human life of iraqs daily.

I hereby call for immediate withdrawal of usa troops from Iraq and for the UN peacekeeping forces to be deployed. The UN should also start broker peace talks between the waring factions in Iraq

Majority of Americans are opposed to this war but for some reason or the other the President and Congress do not seem to care what Americans wish is.

That is my two cents

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