A polarized Kenya seeks redemption

Can justice and renewed rule of law be ushered in by the upcoming elections. In this analysis I look at the two leading candidates and address the two issues Justice and rule of law.

The two major issues in the current elections are justice and rule of law (constitutionalism). Raila Odinga party and supporters claim that their camp will be able to deliver Justice to the victims of PEV and will support the rule of law bythe fact that their party leader was instrumental in getting the new constitution passed. the supporters of uhuru argue that he will support justice for PEv victims only if the courts are fair and charge everyone who had political responsibility during PEv and they demand that the two principals get charged first before their candidate can be summoned to court. the fallacy of this argument is that both the principals were investigated by Waki commission and although they were named adversely NO evidence was provided that could lead to their prosecution. However, in the case of Uhuru there was credible evidence and collaboration of witnesses on his role in PEv. Uhuru was lukewarm in support of the new constitution and as a key negotiator in Naivasha he was responsible for watering down the devolution clause. His running mate did not support the constitution so he cannot be trusted to implement it.

Knowing that Kenya needs to move on from the current polarization i endorse Raila Odinga candidancy knowing that he may be the only person at this juncture that can stop Uhuru an accussed criminal suspect and ruto who is accussed for crimes against humanity to rule kenya.

kenyans must decide whether they want Injustice or Justice. whether they want leaders of intergrity or indicted criminal suspects. the choice is clear as day and night. So excercise your Freedom and Choice wisely. Remember elections have consequences

ICC issues arrest warrant for Uhuru


Let us hope and make Peace possible in Mali

Before I die I want to visit Mali and I am hoping the set back with civil war going on in Mali is just a short lived set back and Mali will be united and reclaim her place in Africa as a leader in arts and a land of contrasts



This great song has the message that we all want to become a reality may the few elements that want to distabilize mali fail

Making High School Education Affordable (Work in progress)

Every year about 850,000 primary school students sit for final examination marking the end of primary school education. The exam determines the placement in high schools.  Only about 400,000 students get placed in high schools. This is because of lack of high facilities to accommodate student. Out of the 400,000 students some of them from poor families do not get to attend schools that they qualify for because of lack of school fees. In Kenya students pay school fees and government offers a subsidy of $130 per year for each student the rest of the cost is the responsibility of the student.  if Kenya is to compete in information driven job market then all 850,000 students who graduate from primary schools should be admitted to secondary school. So how does Kenya achieve this?

According to education experts the biggest challenge is lack of enough classrooms to accommodate the 450,000 remaining students. If we use 35 students per classroom as the standard the current need for high schools is 10,000 additional classrooms. If we take this further and say that every school should have two streams of each class in high school then we need an additional 6,428 schools. The simple way to achieve this is build high school adjacent to current primary schools this will help to ensure that the capacity of the high school will be determined by the number of students in each primary school. The government should offer money to build the school if we estimate that each class would cost about 3,ooo,000 so about shs 19.3 billion will need to be allocated to build high schools.  You may ask where will this money come from one way would be create a special tax (school local tax) to be paid by each home to go toward building the high schools.  the same tax should levied every year to fund school fees.  This will spread the burden of education to tax payers because we know the best way to expand the tax base is by having an educated population.

So when will parents pay for education you may ask? they will pay for education after the high school this will allow parents to put their resources towards educating their children beyond high school and so the number of students in universities would increase and the number of skilled workers would increase. If this is done kenya will move towards creatingquality human capital and reducing youth unemployment



what makes peoople talk to Oprah Winfrey

That is my question of late she is back in the element having very high profile interviews. First it was with Lance Armstrong who confessed to having used drugs to enhance performance during his tour DE France wins.
Her once obscure channel OWN is now getting attention from the major stream networks like ABC. So what makes Oprah Winfrey the Enigma she is?
Today I just saw news of Whitney’s Houston brother admitting to have introduced late singer to drugs we all that it was Bobby Brown fault thanks to Oprah that is settled now.


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based on 2013 IBEC registration numbers CORD will not win this election

No matter how I dice or slice the numbers Ruto and Uhuru numbers are overwhelming and no way CORD coalition can beat the numbers.

Freedom of speech vs hate speech. Is calling an MP a Mupig, devil incarnated hate speech

Nguyai Mp of Kikuyu had Facebook blogger Njuguna arrested for posting on facebook that Nguyai was a NGUI INO (A DOG) and should go to hell. The issue here is if the man should be charged with hate speech and whether his statement is protected under freedom of speech which is a fundamental human right. I leave this to lawyers

I think the courts should comeout clearly and state what kind of speech is protected under freedom of speech and what can is hate speech. calling Nguyai a Dog to me is mean but it does not qualify to hate speech. Calling Mps corrupt, devil incarnates, mupigs, drug dealers while slanderous does not qualify for Hate speech.

anyway let us see if Nguyai has enough resolve to teach Njuguna a lesson.

It seems like Nguyai skin is soft as Jello. My advice to Nguyai the Mungiki commander is to get  a thick skin if he plans to win 2012 elections.
otherwise he should wear an apron and continue cooking tea for his BOSS Uhuru

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Only white Justice system can deliver Justice to Black People

Yes, you  read the title right. I am an African, I am a Pan African, I am a Patriot but I know that I do not have freedom if I do not have Justice. I know for peace to prevail I need justice and freedom. The African in the continent Africa is a free man, he is a freeman to governor his/her country, the African is free to run his/her economic system but the African has failed todeliver justice to the fellow African. I acknowledge that the whiteman committed murder, rape, forcible transfer of populations and all type of evils during the 19th century but in the turn of the 20th century the African fought and was able to be independent from the White oppression but instead of removing white oppression and replacing it with a democratic, social just and economically sound system the African leaders choose to continue with the template of oppression and injustice that the white was using to rule.

And so in the 1990’s to now the African leader has become the most brutal killer on this god’s earth and the only other salvage that can match his salvargery is the Arab. In East and Central Africa over 5 million lives have been lost in civil wars, in North Africa over 1.2 millon lives have been lost, in west Africa about 1 million lives have been lost all in a period of less than 50 years. the sad thing is that the African has not come up with a way to provide justice to the victims of these murders. It has taken the whiteman institutions to hold to account some the leaders that have killed their own people.

At this moment the International Criminal Court in Hague,International Tribunals paid by the West are holding to account few African leaders, militia leaders and all type of social misfits that have decided to kill and maim the fellow African for greed of power and money. The African Media both print and the electronic media are in the forefront of demonizing the whiteman for trying to offer justice to the African victims of the genocidal leaders.

The African racists are demanding that the whiteman leave the African to be able to kill fellow African with impunity and no retribution. Such is the hypocrisy that the African leadership is demonizing the ICC while offering no alternative to the prosecution of its murderous class.

For now I can say with conviction that only the whiteman Justice system can deliver Justice to Black People

In support of the catholic priest who denied the Lesbian woman holy communion

The media is going all crazy trying to demonize a catholic priest for denying a lesbian woman Holy Communion during her mother’s funeral. So what is the big deal? The Lesbian woman took vows during the confirmation process and if she breaks these vows then the Priest as the custodian of the process must deny her the privilege of taking communion. So the LGBT movement should Play by the rules and not expect institutions such as churches to change their rules to accommodate them. May be woman should have been informed in advance so that she would not be embarrassed during the Funeral

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