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Africans Dictators in the 21 st century

The Top African Dictators in the 21 st Century

1. President Camara –  Note (Removed from power after being shot in the head by his bodyguard handed power back to Civilians )

  • The killer of Conakry in just less than a year the military rule has shown its hand too early by killing 156 protestors. United Nations has refered this

2. Mugabe –With Hyper Inflation, Cholera, Farm Evictions, Military abuse of human rights . Mugabe takes the cake as the most heartless of all senile dictators still alive. Time to retire or send him to an early grave is now.

3. Museveni

  • A benevolent Dictator who has rescued his country from over 20 years of civil war. His support of Genocide in Congo is well documented by United Nations. Presidential Elections are slated for 2011 and with latest Oil discovery in Uganda I wonder if Museveni will be ready to quit. Americans are stating that the oil reserves are as big as those of Saudi Arabia so Uganda is slated to be come either successful or Natural Resource Cursed Nation.

4. El Bashir – Sudan President 

  •  Responsible for Genocide in Darfur and is waiting for his day in International Court of Justice. Right now the Chinesse and Arab Countries are shielding him from arrest

5. Hosni Mubarak Egypt  Disposed on 2-10-11 by is general after a popular uprising- American Stooge of North Africa he has prevented Fundamentalist from taking Power. He is planning to handle over to his son illegally.

6.     Muammar al-Gaddafi – Libya – 1969 to present 42 years in power

7. Cameroun – Paul Biya – Been able to hang on to power for over 30 years. I wonder what the recipe is of keeping camerounians docile.
8. Kibaki – Stole elections in 2007 and is now a lame duck dictator. Hopefully he will be indicted by ICC for his role in Post election violence in kenya
9. President Obiang – Equitorial Guinea- his son bought a Masion worthy $25 million in USA from Stolen Oil wealth. A kenya banker in Washington was jailed for over 20 years for helping Obiang to Launder money via a bank in Washington DC

10. Omar Bongo Jr –

11. laurent Ggabo – Ivory Coast still hanging onto power even after losing presidential elections last year

12. Kagame – still hanging onto power after saving his tribe from Annihilation during rwandan Genocide of the 1990s

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