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African Phenomenal of Bleaching skin to look “white”

while growing up in 1980’s most kenyan women used to buy mecurial soaps and lotions like popular brand in kenya called Ambi to bleach their skin so that they could make their skin appear light skinned to attract African males who due to mental colonialism preferred light skinned women. The light skin is seen as sign of beauty because of the inferiority complex imposed on africans by whites who made Africans look at whites as the yardstick of humanity and beauty.

However, as society became enlightened by education and gained knowledge that whites were not superior and that their skin pigmentation was not the the yardstick of beauty most African women abandoned the practice of bleaching their skin but in some countries such as Nigeria and Zaire men and women continue to bleach their skin. I was watching music videos by zairean musicians and that is when I noticed most performers in the band were of light skin pigmentation and after further inquiry I realized it was due to bleaching of skin.

So my question is how wide spread is the skin bleaching madness among africans in Africa and Diaspora? Do you know some one who bleaches their skin

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