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Ruto, Uhuru Kalonzo and gang have one thing in common,

All those opposed to mau evictions have one thing in common. They are all land grabbers who do not want the new land policy and environmental conservation to succeed. it is not a secret that Uhuru Kenyatta Family owns over HALF a million acres in Kenya in Mombasa the family owns over 100,000 acres. All this land was grabbed by Kenyatta using stolen SFT funds. It is well documented that William Ruto Grabbed several Pieces of Prime Plots in Nairobi and he used them as collateral to start his 300 million business empire. The big land owners in Mau are now feeling threatened and want to blackmail Raila so that he can stop the evictions.
Kenyan must decide if they want to live in a land of rule of law or in a land where MPS are above the law. The incitement by Kuttuny in Mvita telling the locals that the ODM meeting only had dark skinned Kenyans (read luos) who are not the ancestral inhabitants of Mombasa must be dealt with and The Police Boss should arrest Kuttuny and charge him with incitement.
These veiled threats must be taken serious.
The ODM leadership must meet and censure kuttuny for his reckless statement.

Now read the statements by Uhuru and Wekesa on big fish compesation plans and see the rebutal below by PM. THis government has lost the moral authority to govern time to overthrow it and replace it with Marshal Law
Posted Tuesday, December 22 2009 at 13:25

Prime Minister Raila Odinga office has refuted a statement by Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta that big land owners on Mau Forest were not going to be compensated.
The PM accused the two ministers of playing political games when they claim not to be aware of any plans to pay big names that own land in the Mau forest.

In a statement issued by his director of communications, Mr Dennis Onyango, the PM said it was in the public domain that MPs forced amendments in parliament that basically force the government to compensate the big fish in the Mau saga.

On Monday, Mr Kenyatta, who is also a Deputy PM, said at a joint press conference with Mr Wekesa that he was not aware of any compensation plan for Mau big shots, who include retired President Daniel arap Moi. He said the government would only compensate those evicted from Mau last month.

But Mr Odinga said he had been against the plan of paying out big landowners in the Mau.

However, he accused those who pushed through amendments to the Mau Report to it mandatory to compensate big land owners of having been driven not by the national interest but by irresponsible personal and political motives against the Prime Minister.

β€œIt is therefore shamefully dishonest for certain MPs now to attempt to shift responsibility for this situation to the Prime Minister – when they know full well that it was they themselves who introduced, lobbied for and passed this legislation,” he said.

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