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The two last stading sub saharan dictators

Paul Biya,
Cameroonians must be the most docile Africans in sub saharan africa nothing seems to spark their need to get rid of the old Biya. Dictator Biya has been in power since 1982 making his reign to be one of the longest.  Here is a short biography of him


Robert Mugabe aka Comrade Bob

This one has defied all manners of sanctions, interventions his addiction to power and his ability to be the cunning fox has earned him the title of the Last of Mohicans. Since 1983 Comrade bob is still lording over Zimbabwe.  According to pundits the only way out for nester Mugabe to leave power is via the Pine box. At least MDC has tried but it is no match to the brutal machinery of ZANU..Next year is make or break year for Mugabe if he wins the elections then he will become  president for life

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